About Michael

I am a programmer focused on enterprise web applications. I'm right at home amidst a fleet of servers powering a multi-tiered application. The more concurrent users the merrier. I am happy to jump into a development team of any size and integrate my skills, or pick up some new skills along the way to fill any gaps.

Process improvement and automation are an essential component to my work. I learned at an early age in Boy Scouts (stop rolling your eyes) that when you go camping, you leave your camp area in better condition than when you arrived. No matter what the state of a company is when I arrive, if I'm not doing anything to improve the steps of the SDLC then I'm doing something wrong.

All work and no fun makes Jack a dull boy. In my free time you'll find me enjoying the outdoors (walking around the lakes, hiking, biking), slaving away at a tasty meal in the kitchen, engrossed in my ever-expanding Jewish library, or enjoying a fine craft brew with friends.